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If you are planning to visit Silver Lake, you will see that this is an ideally place from which you can start your visit of many famous localities that are situated nearby. We recommend:
   Fortress Ram - located in the same named village at 15 km from Veliko Gradiste and 25 km from Pozarevac.
   Golubac city - downstream of Veliko Gradiste, on the high cliff, above the Danube, raises a remarkable fortress from the 14th Ages with 8 towers, whose height ranges from 20 to 30 meters.
    Viminacium - remnants of the former Roman town and military camp Viminacium as an important military headquarters and the capital of Roman province is located in Kostolac 25km away from Silver Lake.
    National Park Djerdap with the total area of 63,608 hectares is located on the Danube right bank , on the border with Romania.
    Nearby Donji  Milanovac  there is archaeological discovery  Lepenski Vir  with prehistoric village 8000 years old.
    Most of these locations in recent years are restored, in order to improve tourism in our country. We have suggested to you some interesting destinations and give poorly information about them. We recommend you to visit this region and professional guides and curators will tell you much more about them.

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