Aqua Club


"As the newest water attraction opened in early June 2011.'s Aqua club with 6 very nicely designed pool depth 0.4-1.35m, 2 water slides, several waterfalls, children's water slides, waterfalls, and similar combinations of water on the surface of 2500m2. Hours aqua club from 10h-19h every day of the week. Otherwise, the great advantage is the location of the aqua club is located just fifty meters from the villa, "Silver Lake".

Useful Information :

Ticket price :
                - all-day tickets for adults is               3.5 eur
                - All-day tickets for children's             2.5 eur
                - Half-day tickets for adults is            2.5 eur
                - Half-day tickets for children's           1.5 eur

Drinks and food:
- still and sparkling juices 0.5 l and beer is    1 eur
- sladoled od                                              0.7 eur - 1 eur
- fast food                                                1.5 eur - 2 eur


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